A Million Dollar Project: MIWRC and The Kateri Residence

An update on our efforts to keep Kateri Residence open.

Hearing Their Voices: Colonization to Reservation

A video of the first of a four part Workshop presented by Patina Park on February 1, 2018 at MIWRC.

Cecilia Petit and Sue Kincade Staff Bios

Checking in with One of Our Newest Hires and a Familiar Face.

Thank You To Senator Franken

Our Executive Director thanks Senator Al Franken for his most recent contribution given on October 6th, Indigenous Peoples Day.

Patina on MPR

The U.S. Census Bureau released data on childhood poverty, and it shows a very bleak picture for Native American children. Patina and Stephanie Hogenson from the Children's Defense Fund joined Tom Weber to talk about the data.

Organ Donation

Organ donors save lives in Indian Country, but there is a shortage of donors and it affects native communities particularly hard. Indian Country Today focuses on the issue with this article.

For Savanna

We grieve Savanna's loss.

A Statement From Patina Park, Executive Director at MIWRC

Patina Park's statement on the recent race riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Wanna collaborate???

Linda Eagle Speaker's son has been doing great work. Here she shares his latest email update.

A note about the 2017 Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women's March

Ashley's description of the march and some good links for more information.

MIWRC Segment on Native Report

MIWRC was featured in a segment of Native Report. See the Video

We Got an Excellence Award!

MIWRC received a 2016 Commissioner's Circle of Excellence Award from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. See the video

Regaining Spiritual Wealth

University of Minnesota students from the College of Education and Human Development interviewed Suzzane Koepplinger, our previous Executive Director, for their Our Callings Blog where they interview people who have found their calling in life. It's a good read!

Stay Strong

Patina's email to the MIWRC staff about the 2016 election.

Dawn Bjoraker's visit to Oceti Sakowin Camp

At the DAPL gate

Dawn wrote this post about her trips to North Dakota to support her tribe in resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Images from Standing Rock

Standoff at Standing Rock

Stories and images from Standing Rock. Please check back, we will be adding to this page. photo by John A. Anderson

An August trip to Oceti Sakowin Camp

Oceti Sakowin Camp

Randy's thoughts on his trip to North Dakota to support the Water Protectors.

MIWRC Supports Standing Rock

A statement from our Executive Director supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposing the the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Indian Women: Strength and Resilience

TPT will be airing a program that we helped produce. Check it out!

Back to School Event

Photo of event

This year's Back to School event was a pleasure for the MIWRC staff to host. Thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the photos from the event.

Sage Picking!

Sarah Amandrea Chanelle Amy Marie

Some of the ladies from MIWRC went out to pick sage.

The Agency Has A New Quilt

Star Quilt donated by Tamera Johnson

Our entrance staircase has been graced by a beautiful blue Star Quilt donated to us by Tamera Johnson (Mother of staff member Sarah Edstrom, Sexual Assault Advocate). Thank you Tamera for your generous gift!

Natives Against Heroin Powwow

Natives Against Heroin Powwow

MIWRC provided tables and chairs for organizations attending the first annual traditional Powwow on Saturday, August 8 at Little Earth’s Cedar Avenue Field. There was a lot of dancing, great music, and lots of people on hand to support those who wanted to make a change in their life or wanted to help others make that change. Above all, there were a lot of good feelings and a lot of hope.

Learning From Your Grandchildren

It took grandsons to open a grandmother's eyes

Jo Lightfeather, MIWRC's Learning Center Director describes a lesson she learned from her grandchildren: It Takes a Grandchild

National Night Out

National Night Out 2015

Wonderful job to everyone who worked so hard to make it so fantastic.
The food was fabulous.
The games were enjoyed by the kids.
It was a lot of fun.

Thank you!