MIWRC Supports Standing Rock

For over 30 years, the Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center has provided training, resources, and advocacy on behalf of Native American women and their families. We have witnessed first-hand the connection that exists between violence against our Mother Earth and violence against our families. We acknowledge Water as our first medicine, a medicine needed by all living beings on earth, and a medicine that must be protected.

We stand in solidarity with our relatives the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and support their efforts to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). We believe that the development of the DAPL will cause irreparable harm to the lands of the Great Sioux Nation, including historic, cultural, and spiritual sites. We believe that pipeline spills are inevitable, rather than the exception, and recognize the disastrous effect a spill will have on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the areas immediately surrounding the proposed pipeline, and all other beings who depend upon the health of the Missouri River in its entirety.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all Oceti Sakowins and their allies who have come together to protect our most valuable resource.

Mni Wiconi - Water is life.

Statement in support of Standing Rock