Umbilical Cord Safe Keeping

“New Life Beginning” Gatherings For Native American Women of childbearing age and their Partners or Family Support Members

Thursday, April 13
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center
2300 15th Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Registration is necessary. Email or Call for registration form:
email – Jo Lightfeather
phone – 612-728-2031
No Cost

All materials for activities are provided.

Bring Pot Luck Item if you want

Limited to 20 Participants: first to get completed registration and returned to Jo Lightfeather are first to be confirmed as registered.

The umbilical cord is a life source between a pregnant woman and her baby which brings constant nourishment through blood. Whatever the mother puts into her body, is shared with baby through the umbilical cord. Ojibwe Elder Maria McCoy will talk about this shared connection and give participants teachings on the sacredness of the umbilical cord while the Mother is carrying the child in her body. Once the child is born, the piece of cord that is attached to the infants belly with a tiny knot retains its sacred characteristics. Maria will present teachings of the importance of and safe keeping of this part of the cord. Activity will be creating a leather amulet bag in the shape of a turtle or a lizard. All supplies provided.

This event is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the MIWRC Learning Center Training which is funded in part by the State of Minnesota – DHS, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, American Indian Section

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