Stay Strong

Our Executive Director, Patina Park, sent this email to the staff this morning, November 9, 2016:

I went to bed last night in shock and woke up feeling numb.

I know all of you are experiencing many feelings about this election. We are now facing an unknown administration with very little experience and no experience in government. But we will continue. We will face whatever comes with the same fierce determination, strength, and commitment we always have. We have the resiliance and and power of our ancestors, who continue with us.

So pray. Pray for our leaders, including our President Elect, that they will do their best for ALL people in America. Pray for all those who woke up fearful for their families and lives. Pray for each other. The power of our prayers is infinite.

My friend Joe Hobot posted this last night after the election results became clear. I share these beautiful words with all of you.

"Despite the Westward Expansion of a brutal and violent invader ...
We can still hear the drum

Despite the repeated crackle of rifle fire at Wounded Knee ...
We can still hear the drum

Despite the beatings and lashings and deafening silence behind the walls of Boarding Schools ...
We can still hear the drum

Despite the gas and clubbing at Standing Rock ...
We can still hear the drum

Despite what we may see before us now - we will still hear the drum ...
Take heart, be strong, live in honor of all who came before and let us get to work to on behalf of all who are coming next

Let us hear the drum again and move forward together towards destiny, liberation..."