Results from Our 6/27 Ribbon Skirt Event

Ribbon Skirt Collage.png

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the June 27 Ribbon Skirts for Our Incarcerated Sisters gathering a success! The Religious Services Department at MCF Shakopee requested 15 ribbon skirts to be worn by our incarcerated relatives during sweat lodge, powwows, and ceremonies. With the help of more than 30 volunteers, we received a teaching from Ojibwe Great Grandmother Mary Lyons and completed 10 skirts during the event. Since then, MIWRC staff finished 5 more skirts in order to deliver the full donation to Shakopee as requested. See below for some feedback from the event attendees and a slideshow of photos!

  1. What did you learn today that you did not know before?

    -That the process of making a ribbon skirt is more than just sewing. It’s prayer and power and blessing.

    -Teachings about the ribbon skirt and its meaning to Native women.

    -How to use sticky double sided tape to make the ribbons straight!

  2. How will you use this information in your life?

    -I want to make my own ribbon skirts and teach my daughters and grandchildren.

    -I will be more thoughtful of my words going forward.

    -I am very comforted to know that we all come from the stars, and we are all connected.

  3. What did you like most about coming today?

    -It was a blessing to hear the stories from our Elders.

    -Being with positive vibes from all the other women and being taught culture.

    -That the skirts made were being donated to incarcerated women at Shakopee Prison to be used during ceremonies.

  4. What could we do to improve the gathering?

    -No onions!

    -More sessions - maybe open a sewing circle?

    -I wish we got more skirts done, that’s all!